Still Life Painting & Woodcarving    1988     30x40     decor 
Pitcher Still Life     1988     30x40     decor
La Toile De Voile     1982     63x72     contstructed photo
Marked Nude     1982     80x60     contstructed photo
The Torture Never Stops     1983     80x60     contstructed photo
Dance Tent     2004     photo
Dance Tent Too     2004     photo
Shower     2004     photo
Toilet     2004     photo
Floating Object    1976     700x200x700
Cheese & Cheese Cutter     1976     400x500x70     mural
Inflatable Police Office Wall     1978     (design)
Inflatable Police Office Wall     1978     (model)
Madonna & Child     1982     60x110     mural
Laundrette     2005     mural     Amsterdam
Africa     2006     mural     Dordtselaan Rotterdam
Africa (2)    2006     mural     Dordtselaan Rotterdam
Africa (3)    2006     mural     Dordtselaan Rotterdam
Archi     2006     mural     Dordtselaan Rotterdam
Archi (2)    2006     mural     Dordtselaan Rotterdam
Salon Table     1980     175x48x42     wood/gloss paint
Kitchen-Knifes Holder     1982     30/52x60x3     acrylic glass
Sunlamp     1983     22x190x15     copper pipe/lead/black paint/dimmer/halogen lamp
Sidus     1992     100 ø   MDF/glass/acrylic/gold leaf/cherry wood/wheels
Glow Egg     2004     log/electrode & electric wire/egg
Duo     1986     70x50     silk-screen print
Difficult Love I     1988     50x69     silk-screen print
Difficult Love II     1988     55x42     silk-screen print
Difficult Love III     1988     54x36     silk-screen print
Difficult Love IV     1988     58x41     silk-screen print
Difficult Love V     1988     58x41     silk-screen print
Amor Novus     1990     50x65     silk-screen print
Amor Brevis     1990     50x65     silk-screen print
Amor Exitus     1990     50x65     silk-screen print
Amor Mortus     1990     50x65     silk-screen print
Up North     1998     50x70     silk-screen print
Trinacria     2007     silk-screen print on T-shirt
Worstwezen     2008     silk-screen print on T-shirt
Birch     2008     70x100     silk-screen print
Poplar Trunk     2008     60x80     silk-screen print on plywood
Trunk     2008     60x80     silk-screen print on plywood
Dead Tree     2009     A4   silk-screen print
Olive Tree     2009     A4   silk-screen print
Turkey Tail Trunk     2009     70x100      silk-screen print
Willow Trunk     2009     70x100     silk-screen print
Willow     2009     70x100     silk-screen print
Ficus Magnolioides Borzi     2012     60x100     silk-screen print
Bang!     1979     100x80x18     mixed media
Bang! (2)    1979     100x80x18     mixed media
Your Place Or Mine     1978     50x72x45     mixed media
Cadaver     1979     100x80x9     mixed media
Tele-Horizon     1979     50x62x43     mixed media
Self Portrait     1979     80x100x8     mixed media
Telepathy I     1979     100x80x6     mixed media
Telepathy II     1979     80x100x6     mixed media
Billy The Mountain 1962 MASL     1980     objet trouvé
Horse & Rider     1980     155x105x6     acrylic/spraypaint on plywood    (sold)
Zeeuws Meisje     1981     92x72x6     mixed media    (sold)
Blue Grapes     1981     120x90x13     mixed media
Red Bananas     1981     120x90x13     mixed media
Watermelon     1981     90x120x13     mixed media
Filibusters     1981     80x65x3     mixed media    (sold)
Arigató Nippon     1981     37x111x3     3D photo/paint on plywood    (sold)
Monument For A Landscapist     1982     60x180x180     mixed media
Monument For A Landscapist (2)    1982     60x180x180     mixed media
Blue Specimen     1982     60x80x10     mixed media
Le Chamois De 'Ma' Choix         1982     140x183x16 mixed media
Crimson & Clover (drummed painting)     1982     100x80     mixed media
Montebananorama     1982     90x70     mixed media
A-t(t)ribute Of The Eyes     1982     70x100x25     mixed media
1982     1982     120x180     mixed media
New Takes That Long (Balloon Pop)     1982     90x70     mixed media
Olympia (la Barbe De M )     1982     120x150     mixed media    (sold)
Double Panorama     1982     100x20     photo/brochure/acrylic on canvas    (sold)
Vertiginous Violin     1982     18x30x12     mixed media    (sold)
Up & Down     1983     20x30x4     mixed media    (sold)
Him Say You Drunk     1983     80x70x5     mixed media
Kobe’s Tunnel     1984     80x60     charcoal/ink on paper    (sold)
The Most... Fantasy     1984     80x60     ink on torn paper/charcoal on cardboard
Fresh Mussels     1984     58x48     charcoal on paper with overlay    (sold)
The Path Of The Saint     1984     40x30     charcoal/glitters on paper
Movimento (Ginocchio Solo)     1984     58x48     charcoal/ink on paper    (sold)
Sole Security     1984     120x90     photo-collage/plastivac ink on paper    (sold)
Black Music Yellow Corruption (2)    1984     100x150     mixed media
Black Music Yellow Corruption     1984     100x150     mixed media
Acid Rain OK     1984     75x75     mixed media
Gentlemen Prefer Love Games     1984     78x50x8     mixed media
Sound Of A Hunched Up Sunday     1984     190x120     mixed medi
Birch Singing     1984     75x60x8     mixed media
They Make It There     1984     80x60     mixed media
Life & Death     1984     40x60x10     mixed media
Reducing The Form     1984     70x140     mixed media
Contact Self-Portrait     1984     70x60     mixed media    (sold)
Three Glasses     1984     90x70     mixed media
Natura Morta     1985     60x80     mixed media
Revealing Of The Papyrus Butterfly     1985     101x107x5     mixed media
Revealing Of The Papyrus Butterfly (2)    1985     101x107x5     mixed media
Zao Jun     1985     42x60     mixed media
Rice Girl     1985     78x120     photocopy’s on wrapping paper
Hermaphrodite     1986     33x43     mixed media    (sold)
The Embrace     1986     52x67     mixed media    (sold)
Window With Vase     1986     37x37     mixed media    (sold)
Premium Turkey (Swift’s Premium)     1986     40x30     mixed media
Geisha     1987     43x50     mixed media
Young Woman & Flooding     1987     100x160     acrylic on carved plywood    (sold)
Hot! (The Dealer)     1987     62x82     acrylic/spray paint on cardboard
Tango For Mata Hari     1987     70x64     mixed media
Kublai K & Marco P     1988     37x47     mixed media
The Venetian Offer     1988     45x55     mixed media
Studio     1988    
Angel & Dancer     1988     150x210     acrylic on canvas    (sold)
Soul Of The Turkey Breeder     1988     80x100     mixed media
Victor     1988     50x60     chalk on slate board
Difficult Loves     1988     20x30     ink/glue on rice-paper/cardboard
Death Holes     1988     39x40     mixed media    (sold)
The Inspection     1988     35x45     graphite on rice-paper/collage
Footway Tile Design     1989     50x60     charcoal/ink on rice-paper
Indiscreet     1989     100x300     acrylic on curtain
Degravitating Nude     1989     100x300     acrylic on curtain    (sold)
Linked Nude     1989     100x300     acrylic on curtain
Mr. R.     1989     152 ø   acrylic on plywood
Motel View     1989     105x153     acrylic on carved plywood
Scenery For Stage Act     1989     30x45     mixed media
Homage Dali     1989     31x40     mixed media
Preserver Of Sweet-Sour Wings     1989     32x47     mixed media    (sold)
Romance To Bottle     1989     31x41     mixed media    (sold)
Madonna Of The Eyes     1989     31x45     mixed media    (sold)
Etude: About Escape & Freedom    1989    mixed media    (sold)
Escape & Freedom 12th over 16th     1989     31x45     acrylic on photo    (sold)
Josephine B M Monroe     1989     31x40     mixed media
Get Away Soap     1990     153x210     acrylic on carved plywood
Roses For Russia     1991     100x100     mixed media
The Disappearance Of Dora B     1991     80x120     mixed media
Smoking Shirt Portrait     1991     30x45     mixed media
Coat Of Mail Portrait     1991     30x45     mixed media
Siena Explosion     1991     30x45     mixed media
Bolero Portrait     1991     30x45     mixed media    (sold)
Tree Secret     1992     60x30     various varnishes on footway tiles
Collection Of Light Objects     1993     30x45     mixed media
Wooden Bowls With Very Wild Contours     1993     102x77     acrylic on carved plywood
Sicily     2013     120x60     enamel sign
Sicily     2013    96x100    enamel sign
Siciliano     2013    120x33     enamel sign
Siciliani     2013     70x100     enamel sign
Siciliani     2013     90x120     enamel sign
Terroni     2013     100x43     enamel sign